Have you ever asked yourself if it were possible to become more than you are today? Maybe the thought of it crossed your mind a couple of times, but you never really took it seriously. You dismissed it as some kind of wishful thinking that was never going to happen anyway.

And yet, there was a time that the thought of becoming more lingered. It made you wonder if it were ever possible to become a better version of yourself. You thought that if only you would do more, then you can be more than you are today. But is it that simple? Can you become more than you are just by giving more?

What Does It Mean To Be More?

People seldom think about their personal development. It’s like there is always something more important than worrying about how much you have developed over time. More often than not, people worry about how much money they are making or how much work still needs to be done.

Then, there are some family and relationship issues that also take the front seat. It always feels like there is a more urgent concern than worrying about one’s personal development.

But does it really have to take the back seat all the time? Could it be the reason why you can’t seem to achieve everything that you want to in terms of career because you have not dealt with your personal issues seriously? Maybe what you need is to stop and take a moment to try to understand what it truly means to be more.

When was the last time you actually took the risk and took on a new challenge? Can you still remember what you learned from taking a risk? While it is true that you take on one opportunity after the other, it doesn’t happen often. Sometimes, it takes a long time before you think of making things happen. And before you know it, you have completely forgotten all about it. Every other concern has taken over your life.

And yet, no matter how busy you get, the desire to do more and be more will always be there. After all, unless you do something about it, the feeling will never go away. In truth, everyone is given the opportunity to do something about their lives. If you let it slip past you, then you are not doing yourself any justice.

You can only be more if you do more about your life. There is always room for improvement. If you want to bring about change in your life, then you should do something about it. Take that leap and make that change happen. If you don’t make the difference right now, all your efforts will be put to waste.

How Do You Be More?

How do you do more? Successful people often talk about being more and giving more. Everyone gets a chance to improve their lives. What you choose to do with that opportunity is all up to you. The difference between successful people and those who have not achieved success yet is the act. The steps that they take to make a difference in their life is what sets people apart.

You have got to be prepared for the changes that can happen in your life. Your efforts will count. The decisions that you make will help determine the kind of change that will unfold. Will it lead to success? Will it be a failure? Any attempt to change how you live your life right now will help you write the narrative of your success.

In order to have more than you could ever want, you need to try to be more than who you thought you could be. If your philosophy includes being where you are destined to be, then you need to make a change in perspective. You need to see everything as an opportunity for growth.

Sometimes, people do things based on what they have and it does not always turn outright. For example, they only show kindness to others if they’re living a good life. If they don’t consider their life as extra nice, they stop showing kindness to others.

You have got to change this mindset. You have to be more consistent with your actions, not only when things are convenient for you. No matter how rough things can get, you have to be consistent in showing others the kind of person that you are.

It is only when you have this change in principle that you will truly find success. You can be more only when you choose to do more.

When you decide to give more, even if you have a little less, then that’s how you can say that you have become a better version of who you were yesterday.

What’s Your Takeaway on How to Become More?

In everything that you do, the desire to be more is always there. While it may be tempting to settle when everything seems fine, you have to always choose to do more. Be more than who you are today. Let your life be an inspiration to others.

You can be more than who you are today when you choose to do more. Let everything be an opportunity for learning. Never stop yearning to improve yourself, even if it feels like you have everything.

At the end of the day, you know you can be more, right?


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